Viral-Prep DNA Extraction kit







Efficient NA Extraction of enveloped and non enveloped RNA and DNA viruses


Overview : The extraction kit Viral Prep Adem-Kit allows to realize the extraction of nucleic acids ( ss and ds DNA or RNA) from clinical samples such as whole blood , serum , plasma, biopsies, respiratory samples, nasopharyngeal swab and feces with optimum efficiency to ensure their purity and their use in molecular biology.


Technology : Superparamagnetic beads produced on-site and used in all of our extraction kits.


Target : Viral RNA and DNA


Samples : Blood, serum, plasma cells culture supernatant, respiratory samples, naso saliva or stools


Extraction procedure : Manual and Automated 


Number of tests : 96 for Manual and 48 for Automated

Certifications : RUO 

Reference : #06230 for Manual and #06231 for Automated DNA Extractor 



To have better final results use our global solution : DNA extractor + DNA extraction kit


AutoMag Solution

Rapid implementation with prevalidated and preprogramed script.


Optimized extraction kits, plastic consumable = complete solution.


Superparamagnetic beads produced on-site and used in all of our extraction kits.



Easy to use prefilled kits and UV lamp prevents the risk of cross-contamination, improving user safety and product quality.