Thermo Shaker for sample preparation


Samples preparation is a major component of experimental work and requires mixing and / or temperature control. 

MixHeat is an ideal instrument for intensive mixing of samples in the regulated temperature conditions. Mixing and heating modes can be used both simultaneously and independently. the main body of MixHeat can be used with different kinds of blocks. 

The most common applications (Protemic, genomic, epigenetic...) can be carried out.

Block for 35 X 1.5ml Microtubes


Simplest operation: LCD display: it is easy to set up and use


Robust and space saving via small footprint


Over - heating protection: protects both user and environment

Parameter Information
Temperature control range from approx. 5°C abov RT to 99°C
Temperature setting range 5°C - 100°C 
Timing Range 1 min - 99H59min
Temperature  control accuracy 0.5°C
Display Accuracy  0.1°C
Heating Time 20°C to 100°C < 15 minutes
Mixing Speed 200 - 1500 rpm


Products Product number
 MixHeat Thermoshaker 21200

 Block 35X1.5ml

 Block 35X2ml 21202 
 Block 96X0.2ml 21203 
 Block 96 deepwell plates 21204
 Block 12X15ml Falcon 21205
 Block 54X0.5ml 21206
 Block 20X1.5ml + 15X0.5ml 21207 
 Block 24X12mm tube 21208
 Block 6X50ml Falcon 21209