Magnetic Particles

Ademtech provides highly uniform, magnetic particles for IVD industry and Life Sciences.


 Check our DNA normalization and total DNA extraction kits for Human Indentification.

Molecular Diagnostics

Discover our DNA Extraction and Amplification Kit for MycologyVirology and Parasitology.



 COVID-19 Tools


Research Solutions :

  • Ademtech offers a large range of magnetic nanoparticles for the Immunoasssays and POC :  Bio-Adembeads Streptavidin...
  • Viro-Adembeads are designed for simple and rapid capture and culture of viruses. Virus bound onto Viro-Adembeads is viable and retains infectivity.

 Diagnostic Testing :

  • ViroGENIE SARS-CoV-2 is a mutiplex Real-Time PCR in vitro diagnostic test for the rapid, qualitative and specific detection of the SARS-CoV-2.
  • MycoGENIE® Aspergillus species - Mucorales species  is a mutiplex Real-Time PCR in vitro diagnostic test for the rapid and qualitative detection of Aspergillus spp and  Mucorales spp. The test is an aid to diagnosis in patients suspected of having Aspergillosis and/or Mucormycosis infection.