ChIP Adem-Kit for AutoMag Solution

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ChIP - Adem - Kit Protein A/G

The ChIP-Adem-Kit is an innovative system especially designed for monitoring transcription factors or histones / DNA interactions. 

ChIP - Adem - Kit combined to especially designed buffers reduce background and minimize the amount of templates available for the reaction, achieving greater sensitivity where maximum DNA recovery is critial.


Product Description Volume Product number

 ChIP Adem-Kit for

AutoMag Solution

For automated Chromation 



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ChIP DNA Prep Adem - Kit

The ChIP DNA Prep Adem-Kit is specially optimized for extracting DNA from Chromatin Immunoprecipitation.

The use of magnetic particles allows for a clear separation of DNA and increases the reproducibility of your DNA purification.


Product Description  Volume  Product number

ChIP DNA Prep Adem-Kit AutoMag Solution

Prefilled reagents plates

for automated DNA purification 

48 DNA Purification


ChIP DNA Prep Adem-Kit AutoMag Solution
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