MycoGENIE® DNA Extraction Kits

Effective fungal DNA extraction from biopsies, respiratory tract samples and sera.


Overview : The extraction kit MycoGENIE DNA extraction kit permit to extract DNA from clinical samples such as serum, plasma, biopsy, respiratory specimens with optimum efficiency to ensure their purity and their use in molecular biology.


Technology : Superparamagnetic beads produced on-site and used in all of our extraction kits.


Target : Aspergillus fumigatus and Pneumocystis jirovecii


Samples : Biopsies, respiratory tract samples and sera


Extraction procedure : Manual and automated


Number of tests : 48 tests


Certifications : CE IVD


Reference : #60305 for Manual and #60306 for Automated



To have better final results use our global solution : DNA extractor + DNA extraction kit + Real-time PCR kit