AutoMag Prime

Rapid implementation with prevalidated and preprogrammed script.


Optimized extraction kits, plastic consumable = complete solution.


Superparamagnetic beads produced on-site and used in all of our extraction kits.


Easy to use prefilled kits and UV lamp prevents the risk of cross-contamination, improving user safety and product quality.

We able to custom your  protocol


  • Easy implementation of a new protocol by USB stick memory
  • Easy to install and to move without external intervention

Solid and without liquid metrology : the particles are moved to the different wells using the magnet head and avoid the contamination by aerosols


  • Compact : size of a 50cm cube
  • Free updates
  • The sole open system available on the forensic market
  • Script are provided updates to run to the Crime prep Adem-Kit For AutoMag Prime

To have better final results use all our DNA extraction Kits: Database and Casework 

AutoMag One


Easy-to-use automated extraction workstation CE-IVD approuved with liquid handling based system.


Purifies DNA from 1-8 samples simultany in less than 1 hour without operator intervention.


Parallel extraction of various samples within a run.


Elution choice in a microtube 60 - 100 - 150 - 200 ul